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Fall 2024 Breeding Schedule

*Breeding list is subject to change at any time, prior to breeding taking place.
*We reserve the right to retain any kids, at any time.


Fable Hill Farm Sales Policy

  • Reservations are free to make. You will be notified when kids are born.

  • Prices are estimates, they may change once kids are on the ground and evaluated.

  • All reservations listed in order.

  • Deposit of 50% of kid price must be paid within 72 hours of kids' birth to hold the animal.

  • Remaining balance due prior to kid leaving our farm. We wean bucks/wethers at 8 weeks and doe kids at 12 weeks.

  • All of our kids are disbudded, however, Fable Hill Farm cannot guarantee scurs will not grow.

  • We cannot guarantee any kid born on our farm or animal sold will not go over height according to the Nigerian Dwarf breed standard within the American Dairy Goat Association. Genetics are unpredictable and there are OH animals in the pedigree of many of the lines we work with, and while we strive to produce show quality kids that can walk into the ring as adults, there is no way to guarantee that any breeding will/will not produce an OH animal.

  • All kids are dam raised and offered a bottle from a few days old. Not every kid accepts a bottle but every attempt will be made to ensure they are well socialized with people.

  • If for some reason, you decide not to purchase kid, you may transfer your deposit to another animal, however, the deposit is non-refundable.

  • Fable Hill Farm reserves the right to retain any kid born on our farm, regardless of reservations.

  • Fable Hill Farm reserves the right to refuse a sale, for any reason, and will refund deposits if this is the case.

  • Our herd is clean and tested for CL, CAE and Johnes annually. All test results can be seen here.

  • We cannot guarantee the health of any animal once it leaves our farm. Stress during transport CAN cause a parasite bloom or other health issues and that is the responsibility of the buyer to manage. We will work to offer guidance as needed, but we are not licensed veterinarians and cannot offer medical advice. You should always maintain a current and valid relationship with your local vet.

  • For biosecurity reasons, animals cannot be returned once they leave our farm, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Animals bred by us found to have any genetic defect, as determined by a veterinarian, not disclosed prior to sale, will be replaced with animal of similar quality.

  • Kids are not vaccinated except when explicitly requested by the buyer.

  • Tours of our farm and herd are available, by appointment only. 

  • Detailed information about our herd management practices including coccidia prevention for kids, parasite prevention and feed protocols can be found here.

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