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About Us


We're a small, family-run farm located on 10 acres in Sand Lake, MI, living in a renovated 1900 farmhouse.. Our family consists of myself (hi, I'm Kaylyn!), my husband Trent, and our daughter, Ellie. We also have two dogs, Amara (Border Collie x Lab) and Savvy (Pitbull), and a crazy little cat named Maisie.


We purchased our little farm in May of 2019 after Trent wrapped up his career in the Navy. We wanted to be close to family (and start our own), and we were incredibly fortunate to find a farm only minutes from Trent's parent's home (the farm HE grew up on).

Meet the Hansens //

Farming is in our blood //

Trent comes from generations of farmers who immigrated to America from Denmark. His grandparents ran a commercial dairy in Trufant as well as a small hog farm. Trent grew up baling hay and mucking out horse stalls - he never imagined he'd wind up owning his own farm someday.


My mother grew up on a horse farm in Michigan. My grandfather showed and bred Arabians for many years. She spent countless hours filling my head with stories of her childhood. When I was young, I would spend hours drawing my dream farm - where the paddocks, pastures, barns, and trees would go.


Our role as stewards of the land //


 I began working in the natural health field in 2011 and my interests surrounding farming began to shift. Now, almost a decade later, my passion is growing REAL, NUTRIENT-DENSE food, and meat raised with LOVE, DIGNITY, and PURPOSE.

Our goal is to give our animals only one bad day, their last day. We take very seriously the stewardship of our land and our livestock and do our best to implement natural methods in animal husbandry and land management in every way possible. I believe there is a time and a place for Western medicine and traditional methods when it comes to humans and animals, but first, we exhaust every natural alternative that we can find.


For me, owning dairy goats has been a dream since I was very young. As we grow our herd, our Nigerians will become the main focus of our farm, we move into breeding, showing and doing performance testing with them.


We love raw milk! I have also been making my own body products for years and using exclusively goat's milk soap for a long time now, so getting into the soap business is a logical direction for me to go in.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Thank you for visiting Fable Hill Farm (on the web!).

The future of Fable Hill Farm //

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