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Currently Available Kids

"Wizard" (WETHER) $125
Chocolate w/ frosted ears and minimal roaning
Born 9-8-2021


Such a sweet little guy, still being supplemented with bottles so you can continue to offer bottles for bonding or he can be offered weaned.


Chocolate w/ frosted ears white poll and roaning
Born 9-8-2021


A remarkably sweet, charismatic little doeling that 

Sales Policy

  • Reservations are free to make. You will be notified when kids are born.

  • Prices are estimates, they may change once kids are on the ground and evaluated.

  • All reservations listed in order.

  • Deposit of 50% of kid price must be paid within 72 hours of kids' birth to hold the animal.

  • Remaining balance due prior to kid leaving our farm. We wean all animals at 10-12 weeks.

  • All kids are dam raised and every attempt will be made to ensure they are well socialized with people.

  • If for some reason, you decide not to purchase kid, you may transfer your deposit to another animal, however, the deposit is non-refundable.

  • Fable Hill Farm reserves the right to retain any kid born on our farm, regardless of reservations.

  • Fable Hill Farm reserves the right to refuse a sale, for any reason, and will refund deposits if this is the case.

  • Our herd is clean and tested for CL, CAE and Johnes annually in October-November. All test results can be seen here.

  • We cannot guarantee the health of any animal once it leaves our farm. For biosecurity reasons, animals cannot be returned once they leave our farm.

  • Animals bred by us found to have any genetic defect, as determined by a veterinarian, not disclosed prior to sale, will be replaced with animal of similar quality.

  • Tours of our farm and herd are available, by appointment only. 

  • Detailed information about our herd management practices including coccidia prevention for kids, parasite prevention and feed protocols can be found here.

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